Friday, July 10, 2009

Graphic 45 paper

Dont you just love Graphic 45 paper ??? I sat there for ages knowing I WAS going to have to CUT it !!!! You must get at least 2 pieces of each paper as BOTH sides are beautiful....I did some Guest design team work for Twiddleybitz.....just cant have too much TWBTZ...Love it...check out their blog here. These are pages I did a week or two ago...both are photos of my family. The Black/burgundy one is my mum and her brother, when they were small children.
And the other is my Grandfather, Great Auntie May and her sister Netty...They look like street orphans, don't they ???
I love these photos and have wanted to scrap them for ages....
Have more to show soon....
Have a great weekend
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  1. Your work is leaving me speatchless!!!
    But you know that!!!
    So mutch details!!!
    Love this vintage look!!!

  2. Wow!! These are stunning....what wonderful old photos you have.
    As soon as I saw the title Knox I figured they were Scottish and then I saw the next layout which confirmed it!!
    I totally agree about the 2 sides of paper...I was lucky to be sent some recently and keep on stroking them whilst trying to get the bottle up to cut them!!

    Awesome layouts my friend!! xxx

  3. They would be one of my favourite ranges at the moment - Just love them and you have done wonders with them too!!!

  4. You are just too clever Carol. Your work is growing and growing all the time.

    Isn't it nice to put all your love and efforts into something. Very theraputic.

    Well done and keep up the great work.

    Luv sandie