Saturday, January 16, 2016

still here...does anyone still read blogs ??

Well....geee ...2 years...I know people still read blogs..because I do !!!      I , like everyone else these days, am time poor....Just not enough time in the day.
There is work, kids school and weekends...and I just dont have the time to spend at my craft table, that I would like....
however I have made a few things that I would love to post on my blog, if only to keep a collection of photos etc to show some of my favorite projects.
I have made a few albums lately...and this is one I am quite proud warned.....this is photo heavy.....

so...there is one of my favorite recent projects...i have a few more if there is actually anyone who reads this blog...hehehehe
if you are here...thanks for looking...please leave a commentTTFN

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Twiddleybtz "LOVE" Village

Hiya All
I haven't blogged for 3 months dont have as much time , as I used to.  New job keeping me busy, but not so much time to Scrap.  However, here is my latest Twiddleybitz mini house project.   Yes..... I'm still loving those tiny houses.  This is the Twiddleybits Christmas Advent house, without all the little cubbyholes.  And of course, about three packets of miniature houses.
Thanks for looking....

Monday, July 22, 2013

Twiddleybitz Hanging Birdcage Village

Hello ..........well back again...not as often as I should...I know !!!!!!  But anyone who knows me....knows I luuuuuvvv   mini houses....especially Twiddleybitz mini houses......They are very versatile, and I have used them many times.....I am working on another project, with the Twiddleybitz mini houses, that will show them to be more than just the 3 sizes you see in the packets.   This was great fun to make and I love incorporating the beading....with my projects..... 
The circular base of my "birdcage" was made with the Twiddleybitz circular Printers Tray.   I drilled holes in the scallops, and threaded wire for the cage.    I love how the colors turned out, even though I wasn't convinced after I started covering houses with green paper.....but I think the addition of the blue/cream saved the color scheme.......

I also added more beading underneath !!!!!

Well, I hope you like .....Try some mini houses.....they are so much favorite thing ATM !!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Little Twiddley Village

My poor neglected blog........ I have been soooo busy lately, I haven't made the time to post anything at all...but...I have been a few new things to show..... Firstly, as you probably know, I luv the Twiddeybitz houses......luv em.  So another project using them....My Twiddley Village !!!!  

In addition to the Twiddley Mini houses, I used a Funky Church, a Big Ben clock and a small bridge.  The base I've used for this little town is the Twiddleybitz Shelf.  I altered it, by cutting the Flourish off the bottom, so it could stand freely on the base.   I have another idea forming using.....Yessss... more houses.
But until then...another project to show.....

A Twiddleybitz Tophat......I really love these neutral colors, and have used them for many projects.   The Tophat is a kit that can be purchased from Twiddleybitz.  Just choose your papers and your theme !!!
Thats all for today.....will be back soon (I promise) to post more pics........

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Twiddleybitz words, and my Bestie !!!

Well, its been ages since I have done a LO, and kinda lost my inclination there for awhile......But then Mrs Twiddleybitz gave me the NEW clock overlay....which I just luuuuvv.....and had to scrap.  I am also workng on , and have even completed, a few things,.....but not allowed to show yet !!!!  So I hope that explains my absence lately.  Go on over to the Twiddleybitz Ning here and have a look at what all those Twiddleybitz
Design Team girls have been doing......They are such a talented group of girls....and the nicest you could meet !!!!!!  They Rock !!
And to my Bestie ......Love you Girl !!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013



I have the most georgeous nephew, who I love to bits......and his Mum and Dad have just redecorated his that he's a BIG boy !!!!   And I wanted to make something to decorate his walls with.    I love how his name turned out.....!!!  They are about 8 inches tall, and I think they'll look great on his wall....I hope he likes them !!!!!!!     .I'm now do one for MY daughter, and then another for my youngest son......
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"My Wishes for you"

Well, Christmas is over for another year....and the New Year is looking promising already !!!!  I have been working on a few new things , but not allowed to show yet ....LOL  However, I have been trying to finish up some half finished projects, before I start any NEW ones.... and here is one that I just love!!!  My DD
is very photogenic, and so I had to use up some of her beautiful photos....and of course...heaps of Twiddleybitz !!!!!    Cutting the Wishing Well on an angle was a little tricky, but I love how it turned out.
The Poem reads

My wishes for you……..
To be in love with life each day
To keep your sense of wonder, and ability to play
To always pay attention, to the dreams within your heart,
And always have the faith to try, or make a brand new start…
The knowledge that there’s meaning, in the things you chose to do
And the certainty you’re cared about, for simply being you
I wish for you a world of joy, to share and pass along
The gift of those who make you laugh, and keep you going strong
Everything that will make you happy, everything that will keep you feeling
Fulfilled, and in love with life
..thats what I wish for you.