Saturday, January 31, 2009

New DT kit

Picked up my new DT kit from S2D4 today....mmmm get my thinking cap on......
Still after some leafy ribbon for my birdhouse, that is still unfinished ...Have come to a standstill with that !!! Hopefully my mojo will return, when kids are back at school....
Hope the weather is good to you all, wherever you live...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Princess Carriage

This is the Twiddlybitz Carriage I did last year,
for Scrapbooking to Di for. I really loved doing this...
Soooo girly... The Twiddlybitz range is available at S2D4.
It has lots of great stuff, and has everything from
words, shapes, theme shapes and off the page stuff too.
It may be a little over the top....but I wanted it to be
"fancy". My DD loves it, and has it sitting proudly in her
I need to photograph some more of my LO's. I've
just realised that I don't have many on my computer...
Anyway will try to get that done, so I can post more.
Take Care
Carol x o x o x

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

School Booklist

Well, yesterday I went to school to collect my eldest son's booklist for the new school year...
EASY !!! Not so !!! Apparently my sons booklist had disappeared along with about 10 other boys from the same class last year. So I spent the majority of today running around trying to collect all the stationary, he needs for school on Monday..... Easier said than done...BIG W was almost out of everything, however after a few phonecalls....a last minute visit to Woollies today, and an early visit to Wooldridges tommorrow morning, all should be right with the world !!!! Next year I think I shall get them home delivered, save the stress......
Still no luck with my leafy ribbon....I've been all over the internet...but no luck....I'm still hoping that someone who reads my blog will know where to get, or knows someone willing to sell me, that ever elusive leafy ribbon.
Take Care
Over and out

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leafy Ribbon

Can anyone help?????
I am after some ribbon that looks
like it has little leaves attached...
I have seen it around but now that
I NEED some.....I cant find it anywhere !!!
I need white, cream, green or brown......
Or all of the above......If anyone can point
me in the right direction......I would be very
Ta Ta For Now

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teachers Thankyou's

These are the paint tins I made for teachers gifts,
last year. I filled them with Cadburys Favorites....
And the Teachers loved them !!!! I have a lot
of books to collect tommorrow....Getting ready
for all of my three to go to school.....WOOOOHOOOO.
Love my babes to death, but I think they are ready
for a new school year. My youngest is off to PrePrimary
this year, so the house will be quiet. Lots of
housework to catch up, cupboards.....
All the things you don't get to do while kids are home.
Well, thats me for today....
Take Care
x o x o x
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Desk calendar

Well, I finished this desk calendar last night. Still have to modge podge though.....
This was easy to make, and didn't take very long....The beautiful lady in the frame
is my mum who passed away 6 months ago....I miss her every day......

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Sneak Peek are peeks of the other classes I will be teaching. So any inquiries can be directed to the lovely girls at Scrapbooking to Di for.......

Am working on a desk calender for my's coming along quite will post photos when finished. Trying to finish some of the projects I've had on the go for awhile...half doz of so.......
Does anyone else do that ???? Have numerous
things on the go at once ???? I tend to get to a point where I can't decide how to complete something, so when I get my mojo back.......
Things all fall into place.....

If anyone is interested....the lovely string daisies, are handmade by Sandie....check her blog.....
They come in all sorts of beautiful colours !!!!

Thats all for today......
Stay cool....35 in Perth 2day !!!!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A finished layout

Posted by PicasaThis is my latest finished layout. The photo of Sophie was taken down the beach, and I just love it... I like the way this page turned out and I love the combination of colors....I have another layout to show you next time. Bye

Sandies Challenge

I have been tagged by Sandie (see my bloglist) so here we go.....This is the 6th photo, from my 6th file and is admittedly not the best photo of my DD. She was only 2 when this was taken, and it was just after bathtime. she took one look at the camera and posed......She is 4 now and still poses at the drop of a hat.....

Thanks for looking

Carol x o x

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My wonderful mum

This is a layout I did for a challenge at scrapbooking to Di for......for which I came third.....It had to be a layout about a lifechanging event, and journalling of 200 words min. Well I lost my Mum on 15th July, and it has changed my world forever.....I don't think the phoito shows it as nice as IRL...but I'm still pleased with the way it turned out.....My mum was always very encouraging when it came to my scrapbooking, and she loved to look at all the old pages in my albums......I think she would be pleased with this LO also...........More Soon, to anyone who is reading.....

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Canvas

I'm back.....this feels sooooo weird. I feel like i'm talking to myself. goes......I will be teaching some classes in Feb. You can see an example of my Christmas canvas up at my 'header', that I did for Scrapbooking to Di for. They liked it so much they asked me to do a class. The classes are being held end of Feb if anyone is interested. I will also be teaching some 'Off the page', but I haven't quite finished the class samples yet...Sooooo, if anyone ever reads this.....
I will post a sneek peek shortly.
Well, I'm off for now.....
Take Care

Monday, January 19, 2009

My first blog entry

OK here we go.... I think we're up and running !!!!
Not that anyone will read my blog, but friends and family
have been onto me for awhile to start one, so here we are....
Now just have to work out how to upload pics...
Maybe some pics tomorrow
x o x o x