Friday, February 27, 2009


This is a layout I did a while ago....but is still one of my favorites. I took the photo as a
bit of a laugh, but I loved the way it turned out. And I love the colour como....

I'm off to a late night scrap tonight, and have lots of things to get organised....
Am loving the way my "fairy" birdhouse is coming together....Will post photos
a little later, when it's finished.

Am also going to stock up on "twiddleybitz" on Saturday.....Check S2D4 blog for
times, as they will be 25% off plus some freebies..... I love....TBZ....
Plus there's heaps of new stuff....Check it out !!!

x x x
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another birdhouse

Aren't I lucky ??? Di has given me another birdhouse as part of my March DT kit, along with some of new Kaiser Airy Fairy (Georgeous) papers.....So I'll try something different this time.....
Maybe some bling, some feathers and of course glitter and beads....keep an eye out....Will keep you posted.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Owl House

Well, here is the house....I've finally finished.....Just some little sneak peaks. It's on display in the shop (S2D4) if you are interested...I will be doing classes on the 3rd sign up will be popular!!
I am teaching the "BELIEVE" canvas looking forward to that !!! Just trying to finish up all the bits and pieces that I've started but not yet completed....I hate things unfinished....Movies, projects, household tasks.....ANYTHING !!

On another note, my little man, has started to adjust to his new class and new teacher. Thank God for that....I think I was suffering more than him !!! So, one more week and my two youngest will be full-time......YEA HAAAaa......Did I say that out loud ???? No not me.....I love them al to pieces ( !!! when they're asleep)

Well, that's all for now...Have to get organised for tomorrow..
x x x

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok, so I've been tagged again ,by the lovely Kat.....This is the 6th photo from my six folder.
It was taken on a recent visit to Kahuna Wildlife Park. We had some relatives over from UK / Scotland, and this place is always enjoyed by everyone.....even us locals....The photo is of my father and my daughter walking on ahead of everyone. I wanted a shot just like this one.....I already have the "page" arranged in my head......You see, after a while as a scrapper, you see the world in "pages"......I am very close to my Dad, and my three kids absolutely adore him !!!! So when I saw the opportunity......Click !!!! And I just love it !!!! Having been tagged with this before, I haven't tagged anyone over again.....But if you would like to, remember it's the 6th photo, from the 6th folder......Have fun !!!!
Carol x x
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Double pram for Sale

I know it's not normal to sell stuff on your own blog....But I have this double pram, that is in excellent condition. It has no stains or good as new.....If anyone knows anyone that needs a pram ???? I want about $140.00. It's going to go towards my 13 year olds new desk....He really needs one, and we are trying to save our pennies, as my husband is in the mining industry....and things are looking grim !!!!
Keep Smiling
carol x x
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Monday, February 16, 2009

OTP and cards

> These are the finished cards and my OTP.....back to work on my birdhouse. Thanks for looking.....
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My DT Kit

Finally, I have finished and even got the pictures loaded on the computer......
The last picture looks more blue....but IRL is the same colours as the 3 pics above it. More pics of the cards and OTP, in blog below.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do these make you smile ?

I thought I would post these photos from Christmas....when I see them....they make me LAUGH !!!!
My long suffering dog Chucky (Named after Rugrats on TV) has no shame.....He has three lovely children that torment him daily (kindly - of course). And Christmas is no besides the doggy collar with bells...on went the Santa hat.....He REALLY didn't seem to mind !!!

I will post photo's of my finished DT kit tommorrow.... And pleeze...if you visit....and I know you do......leave a comment....And I'll come and visit you !!!!!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some more photos

These photos belong to the following post....

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Another book

Isn't it wonderful to see the Aussie spirit show itself, after such tradgedy.....Look at all the money people have pledged to help, all the donations of food, blankets, time, skills....anything they have to willing to help...
That is the Australia I know !!! And if you follow a few blogs you will notice how the scrapbook community is doing it's bit as well....So do what you it a little...or a lot. It all helps and is good for the soul !!!!
I have been busy creating, but am yet to take photo's. I have finished my DT kit and am reasonably pleased with what I've done. I'm going to make some cards (see Sandie's blog) for Bushfire victims....Then I have to finish some projects that have been on the go for awhile now....I started a birdhouse, but just cant get to the nexr stage.....hopefully some wonderful ideas will come to me soon !!!!
I also have to get ready for the class I'm teaching at S2D4....The Believe canvas I did at Christmas.....See my heading for a view of that...
If you are interested the girls at S2D4 will be able to book you in for the class......
I have always been a proud Aussie, but I am am humbled now, and more proud now than ever before !!!
x o x o x
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No post today

No post doesn't seem right with all that is happening in
N.S.W...that life in some places goes on as normal...
so nothing to post, just some silent prayers to those families
suffering losses in the bushfires....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lets do what we can !

What a human tragedy...what a disaster....the death toll climbs, with every news flash I hear....
I have shed a few tears myself, feeling for those that have lost family or friends. Others have lost everything they own....How can people light these fires deliberately, knowing the damage and the loss of life that can occur. They obviously have no concience whatsoever.....
Well, we Aussies will come together to do whatever we can to help these poor souls....Either donate some cash, or lookout for other ways we can help.....I know that Coles will be donating money for every dollar spent, on Friday. So even if you can't afford to donate much, do your shopping at Coles. Every little bit helps !!
C'mon Aussie
Open your what you can
x x

Just too cool !!

I have had quite a traumatic week....Having sent all my babes to school on Monday with smiles on their faces.....Day 2 was a little different....My 6 year old, who has just started
Year 1, is not happy !! We have tears before we get in the classroom, and last night
we had tears at bedtime, because of school tommorrow. My Josh has always been the "sensitive" one of my tribe... And we had major separation anxiety from Day 1 at
Kindy....Last year in PrePrimary, he had such wonderful teachers, we did not have this problem.....But Joshua does not like change. He likes his routine. But I guess Year 1 is different, and they have to grow up quickly......So I left him this morning with tears in his eyes. (And in mine) I just hope that after a few more weeks he would have gotten used to the new faces and new routine....

This is a layout I did of my eldest boy, who (at just 12) insists on wearing only "skate" brand clothes and shoes...needless to say, he doesn't have much to wear !!! But on this day, he thought he looked so cool...I love the graffitti style paper and the Tim Holtz metal cogs and, of course, the grungeboard. Need some adhesive for the see-through letters....Suggestions anyone ?
I have also been workig on my DT kit for S2D4, so will have pics for you soon...
Off to pick up my youngest from PrePrimary...they all have different pick-up times...I'll be glad when they all finish at the same time...
Thanks for looking
Carol x o x o x

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Dad

This is a layout I did last year, for The Outscrap Challenge. The photo was taken 14 years
ago, at my Wedding. Dad and I have always been very close......and it seems we are closer still after dealing with losing Mum, last year.
I love the soft colours, with the black and white photo. I love my Cuttlebug, and particularly the Butterfly dies. (see top left of LO). Also I used my CB to emboss the vellum behind the photo. I have since bought a Cricut expression from S2D4, and am using it with the papers from my DT kit....It is amazing !!!! If anyone is interested, I know the girls have them (the Cricut) in the shop. And they are always good for advice and suggestions.....
Take Care

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Off to School

Well, there was no tears....From them OR me......My two youngest couldn't wait to get to school...
Sophie is in PrePrimary, and Joshua in Year 1. My eldest Jack, who wouldn't allow me to photograph
him, is in Year 8...So, peace and quiet....Maybe get some scrapping done. As well as all the housework !!!!
A big thankyou to Rachel, who found my leafy ribbon for me...I have ordered a few meters of each
colour, so that should keep me out of trouble..

Well, kids are all in bed. I'm off to finish the 1st layout from this months design pack....
Not colours i have used before....but turned out ok, Me thinks...

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home grown

Sooo, these are our home grown bananas....Can't wait for them to ripen because my kids eat
heaps of them....Should save a few bucks at the supermarket, at least until they run out, or become overripe....And the kids were funny....I think they thought you could only get bananas from Woolies, until they saw them growing on the tree.....
And I still cant get any of this leafy ribbon , so I think I'll do things slightly different...Not to worry....
Still have some layouts to photograph...I only seem to have photos of my OTP stuff...

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