Saturday, April 25, 2009

PLLLEEEEZE leave a comment

I know there are lots of you visiting me here....and thankyou for stopping by. But pleeze leave me a comment....I would love to hear from you. And love to come and visit you at your blog....
But also....please go and visit these blogs I found...they all have giveaways....and their creations are fantastic !!!!
I'm not sure how to create I hope you can find them....
And just a picture that think you might like.....
Our little pooch Chucky...he has his girlfriend "visiting" at the moment....We are hoping for him to become a Daddy...He is such a sweet dog, we would love to have one of HIS puppies...
Happy Anzac Day...don't forget a moments silence for remembrance !!!
x x x


  1. Hi Marie Here
    Yes i know how frustrating it can be when no-one leaves a comment.. Also how exciting it is when someone does leave a comment.. So here you go "COMMENT" lol
    Love you header by the way

  2. Happy ANZAC day...which makes me feel massively homesick!! Dawn parade on the beach, marching, poppies and a general feeling of pride in our Men and our Country!!
    It was St Georges Day in the UK on Tuesday and as per usual nothing was done no celebration nothing!!
    When I have a minute I'll explain how to do a on my way to bed after my night shift!!
    Love Ruth xxx

  3. Hi Marie, love your blog, an yes it's horrible when your counter is going up but nobody leaves a comment or becomes a follower, I'm already a follower of yours :)
    have a great weekend, a sad day but lovely that we all remember.
    PS come visit me lol

  4. I'm sorry about not commenting also. I get your blog through a feed so I don't always visit directly. But I do want to say thanks for sharing your lovely creations with us! And Chucky is just the cutest!! ~ Cindy

  5. I have to admit I am a follower and forget to leave comments. As I have my own blog I also know how frustrating it is when the counter goes up. Visit me at and I also promise to leave comments when visiting:)
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous layouts

  6. Hi Carol, Shaz here from CreativeMe68....This is my first time back since I first popped over for a look after you left a comment on my blog!!! I am becoming a follower because I didn't save your addy! I will be back this time.

    Heaps happening on my blog this month...Lots of RAK's to celebrate my blog's 1st B'day! So please feel free to pop over and say hello again, please don't be a stranger! Luv Shaz xoxo