Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new memory card


I haven't posted for a few days now, because my DD got hold of my memory card and it has not been seen since. Despite bribary, cajoling and promises of a "special treat" her nearly 5 year old brain.....just can't remember where she put it !!!!! So anyway....$34.95 later...a new card....I can show you my latest finished layout. The Little Yellow Bicycle (love letters) brand of paper is one of my favorites. Have bought a few spares that I know I will use....I also used some Bella glitery Die-cut butterfly papers, and the wonderful Prima flowers. I used the new Collections picket fence, and painted it with Tim Holtz White Picket Fence cracklepaint. Beeeuutiful !!! This is an old wedding photo...from me and my BFF nearly 15 years ago....My weren't we young AND georgeous, back then.....Just shows what three kids and a morgage can do to a person !!!! LOL !!! I wouldn't change anything....EVER !!!!
Well, we have a busy my DD turns 5 on Anzac Day...So after we take a moment to remember the Anzac's we have a big BBQ planned...We have a new BBQ rotisserie, and we are going to try it out on a whole lamb.....I still have cakes to make and presents to wrap.....Take Care
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