Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home grown

Sooo, these are our home grown bananas....Can't wait for them to ripen because my kids eat
heaps of them....Should save a few bucks at the supermarket, at least until they run out, or become overripe....And the kids were funny....I think they thought you could only get bananas from Woolies, until they saw them growing on the tree.....
And I still cant get any of this leafy ribbon , so I think I'll do things slightly different...Not to worry....
Still have some layouts to photograph...I only seem to have photos of my OTP stuff...

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  1. Hi Carol, was great to meet you in at S2D4 the other day! Love your blog (I'm hoping my upgraded PC will let me comment now!).

    Have you tried Stamp-It for the ribobon? I know I've seen something similar there, can't remember exactly though!

    Have fun playing with your DT kit - I'll be getting get stuck into mine tomorrow!


  2. Thanks Rachel...I shall look straight away...
    Hope to catch up soon