Monday, February 9, 2009

Lets do what we can !

What a human tragedy...what a disaster....the death toll climbs, with every news flash I hear....
I have shed a few tears myself, feeling for those that have lost family or friends. Others have lost everything they own....How can people light these fires deliberately, knowing the damage and the loss of life that can occur. They obviously have no concience whatsoever.....
Well, we Aussies will come together to do whatever we can to help these poor souls....Either donate some cash, or lookout for other ways we can help.....I know that Coles will be donating money for every dollar spent, on Friday. So even if you can't afford to donate much, do your shopping at Coles. Every little bit helps !!
C'mon Aussie
Open your what you can
x x

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  1. Gidday Carol, just popping in - great creating going on around here. Well done!!!!

    Inviting you to join in my Card Drive I'm organizing for the fire victims.

    Pop on over to my blog for details.


    Take care.

    Luv Sandie