Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok, so I've been tagged again ,by the lovely Kat.....This is the 6th photo from my six folder.
It was taken on a recent visit to Kahuna Wildlife Park. We had some relatives over from UK / Scotland, and this place is always enjoyed by everyone.....even us locals....The photo is of my father and my daughter walking on ahead of everyone. I wanted a shot just like this one.....I already have the "page" arranged in my head......You see, after a while as a scrapper, you see the world in "pages"......I am very close to my Dad, and my three kids absolutely adore him !!!! So when I saw the opportunity......Click !!!! And I just love it !!!! Having been tagged with this before, I haven't tagged anyone over again.....But if you would like to, remember it's the 6th photo, from the 6th folder......Have fun !!!!
Carol x x
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