Monday, February 9, 2009

Just too cool !!

I have had quite a traumatic week....Having sent all my babes to school on Monday with smiles on their faces.....Day 2 was a little different....My 6 year old, who has just started
Year 1, is not happy !! We have tears before we get in the classroom, and last night
we had tears at bedtime, because of school tommorrow. My Josh has always been the "sensitive" one of my tribe... And we had major separation anxiety from Day 1 at
Kindy....Last year in PrePrimary, he had such wonderful teachers, we did not have this problem.....But Joshua does not like change. He likes his routine. But I guess Year 1 is different, and they have to grow up quickly......So I left him this morning with tears in his eyes. (And in mine) I just hope that after a few more weeks he would have gotten used to the new faces and new routine....

This is a layout I did of my eldest boy, who (at just 12) insists on wearing only "skate" brand clothes and shoes...needless to say, he doesn't have much to wear !!! But on this day, he thought he looked so cool...I love the graffitti style paper and the Tim Holtz metal cogs and, of course, the grungeboard. Need some adhesive for the see-through letters....Suggestions anyone ?
I have also been workig on my DT kit for S2D4, so will have pics for you soon...
Off to pick up my youngest from PrePrimary...they all have different pick-up times...I'll be glad when they all finish at the same time...
Thanks for looking
Carol x o x o x

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  1. What a "kool" layout Carol! Have you tried using a xyron sticker maker for the letters? Otherwise, perhaps something like dimensional magic - so long as it covers evenly, it shouldn't look too visible.

    Hope Joshua settles into the new routine for you soon!