Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another book

Isn't it wonderful to see the Aussie spirit show itself, after such tradgedy.....Look at all the money people have pledged to help, all the donations of food, blankets, time, skills....anything they have to willing to help...
That is the Australia I know !!! And if you follow a few blogs you will notice how the scrapbook community is doing it's bit as well....So do what you it a little...or a lot. It all helps and is good for the soul !!!!
I have been busy creating, but am yet to take photo's. I have finished my DT kit and am reasonably pleased with what I've done. I'm going to make some cards (see Sandie's blog) for Bushfire victims....Then I have to finish some projects that have been on the go for awhile now....I started a birdhouse, but just cant get to the nexr stage.....hopefully some wonderful ideas will come to me soon !!!!
I also have to get ready for the class I'm teaching at S2D4....The Believe canvas I did at Christmas.....See my heading for a view of that...
If you are interested the girls at S2D4 will be able to book you in for the class......
I have always been a proud Aussie, but I am am humbled now, and more proud now than ever before !!!
x o x o x
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  1. That album looks totally gorgeous Carol - looking forward to seeing what you've been creating with your DT stuff!