Monday, May 16, 2011

My new start... I know its been awhile......but such a lot has happened over the last coupla months....I have moved out of the family home...
and now have a beautiful rental, just 8 minutes away. The kids love their new rooms, and there a quite a few kids in the street, for them to play with. A very stressful time for everyone, but we are settled and orgainsed, and trying to regain some sort of routine. I have also been working regularly at Scraptivate.....and still loving it.....Getting to know the very busy, busy.....But it's ALL good!!!!! I do have quite a few new projects to show....but have only had the internet on for a week and half still catching up on a lot of emails etc. I am loving being busy, my new found independence, finding my new creative path......and the support of so many friends.
So know who you are.
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  1. May all good things come your way Carol....sometimes life can seem so very difficult but tomorrow turns up and we learn to move on and cope....I love your blog...your work is stunningly amazing....great inspiration here!!
    Love Kathie