Monday, April 4, 2011

A change is in the air ....??

Well.....there are changes in the air ...Lots and lots of changes........I've had a few complaints that I haven't updated my blog lately !!!! You know who you are....Lov ya !!!! I have been busy, but a lot I'm not allowed to share yet... And some is for releases....Secret Squirrel nothing to share there.....But this was something I did awhile ago, on a whim.......There you go...have never done anything on a "whim" before !!! I had one of those polystyrene heart shapes from the $2 shop....recessed a little shadowbox into the foam.....paper-mached some music paper onto it......when it was dry I added some Twiddleybitz lovelyness...a little 3D image into the shadowbox...some sweet.......It's on display at case you were interested in a closer look !!! And......I am loving my new job at Scraptivate....and when things settle down again for me....(lots and lots of changes) I am hoping to get stuck into all the ideas, I have floating around in my head !!!!! TTFN MWAH Carol X X X


  1. This creation is really beautiful. Love your header!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Carol! This heart is so pretty! Good luck on your upcoming endeavor!

  3. Hi's been such a long time but I wanted to say Hello and CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I have lost your e-mail address and would love to catch up with you, my sincerest apologies but I needed time out during (our) winter.

    Your last few projects have been beautiful and packed full of details as always, and I loved the 3d book in the princess frame and the heritage canvas's all just so breathtakingly gorgeous!!

    Take care and enjoy your new "busy" time!!
    love Ruth xxx