Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Birdhouse !!!

The lovely Nat, at Scraptivate gave me a Scrapware birdhouse, last month in my DT pack. She knows I have a "thing" for them !!!       I loved playing with this...and loved the burlap, the 7Gypsies rub-ons...added some sticks...some handmade clay eggs.....done !!!  Please come in and see it IRL....I have messed up...Blogger wont let me upload any more than one photo...

I also have some NEW news....I am now a member of the staff at SCRAPTIVATE !!!!!
WWWWWW HOOOOO.....I've done about 2weeks now....and have just been TOOOooo busy
to blog yet !!!!  Natalie is a great boss...and Kelsey is sooo funny !!  .I so LUV the the work in this industry,   is a dream come true.  So thankyou Natalie, for trying me out ...I hope I can live up to the "Scraptivate" name.....The shop is fantastic...they have EVERYTHING..and if they haven't got it yet...they will get it for you.  So organised   !!!
Soooo Tired....I havent worked THIS hard for years....
Luvin every minute...
X X Carol


  1. LOL you made me laugh when you said added burlap, rubons sticks and eggs and DONE!!
    If I know your work it wouldn't be that easy! lol
    and such a tease! only one photo (yes my blogger plays up have to load all the photos one after the going away and coming back to load some more..annoying!)
    well I guess I just have to jump on a plane and come and see it irl! hehe
    sounds like you are having a great time with the Scraptivate team, congratulations. :-)

  2. Gorgeous creation. You sound like you have been having fun. Have a great time in your new adventures.
    Regards Florence.