Monday, May 11, 2009

Another birdhouse or 2

Have you ever had those times, when you make something and you know it's not right?? So you rip it apart and do it again...differently !!! This is my third and last attempt....we had some branches, we had some hangingand we had some on sticks.....but nothing worked....GRRRRR. So I'm glad it's over !!! Now I can get onto the next thing ....
The little birdhouses are from S2D4, the paper is from the Collecions range, also the picket fence,bird,flowers and keys..the scroll is Twiddleybitz...Some corougated cardboard, sheets of music paper and some inking ..
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day...My little ones had made me some beautiful artwork at school...I love handmade gifts, especially from my babies !!!! A hot cup of tea in bed and some new ugg-slippers....I live in my slippers...and they were getting tatty, from being washed so often......
Sadly, MY wonderful Mum, passed last year....and so it ws also a sad day for me.....Some days, I still have a hard time
dealing with it !! The past few weeks especially...Not sure why??? But I have to remind myself to "get it together" for the sake of my kids....Anyway...Another day, another scrap project to be done....
x x x
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  1. I'm fascinated with your bird-houses.
    Truly adore your work.
    I'm hoping by every now and then on you blog to see whats new,and every time you put house on post I get stoned how lovely they are.
    Just keep it going girl...

  2. WICKED!!! Love it is is my favourite (small)one so far!! and I should know I spend 3 hours googling them last night....I travelled all round Perth it seems that no-one anywhere else in the world has the guts to try them yet!!

    You must all be creative genius's over there!!

    I am going to get stuck into mine during the school holidays when I have some leave from work. I was shocked at how many elements everyone uses and exhausted just looking at the work involved in some!! Think I might do one village in pretty, pretty instead of grunge and see how it turns out!! Do you know of any others on great blogs I could peek at...I found the 2 that run the classes...awesome!! But yours is of the same standard you should work for them!!
    Love Ruth xxx

  3. Dear Carol!
    I forget to ask how do you make your houses?
    I mean, do you have stencil or something?