Monday, March 16, 2009

Canvas and Garage Sale

This is a canvas I made late last year, as a tribute to the relationship my parents had, before my mother passed in June. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my Mum and Dad....They have been married for 42 years......and sadly my Dad is on his own now.....Except for us....He has a loving family and 4 grandchildren to keep him busy. My brother and I will look after him, and his GKs will keep him busy !!!! This was the first canvas I tried...and I loved making it !!!!

I picked up many a bargain at the garage sale at S2D4.....And I'm a girl who LOVES a bargain.......I got some stamps, a sticker maker (Xyron) some beautiful lace, clear alphas, some Heidi Swap pink cards (A,J,Q,K etc) chipboard alphas (never have enough of them) an envelope stencil and more.....and only spent $50.00.
Like I said....I just love a bargain !!!!

My 6year old was sick this weekend with a stomach virus, so I've spent a few hours washing mountains of bedding....However....all is well now and I'm off to put everyone in bed......

Peace at last !!!!!


Carol x x

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  1. I can't believe this is your first canvas!! It's absolutely lovely....your Dad must be so proud of your talent for creating lovely memories pf your Mum.
    I love the birds they are just super cool and the flourishes and paper flowers are wicked too!!

    Love Ruth xxx

  2. What a gorgeous canvas Carol!

    Glad you picked up some great bargains at the garage sale - I didn't make it unfortunately, much as I would have liked to have gone - next time!