Thursday, January 29, 2009

School Booklist

Well, yesterday I went to school to collect my eldest son's booklist for the new school year...
EASY !!! Not so !!! Apparently my sons booklist had disappeared along with about 10 other boys from the same class last year. So I spent the majority of today running around trying to collect all the stationary, he needs for school on Monday..... Easier said than done...BIG W was almost out of everything, however after a few phonecalls....a last minute visit to Woollies today, and an early visit to Wooldridges tommorrow morning, all should be right with the world !!!! Next year I think I shall get them home delivered, save the stress......
Still no luck with my leafy ribbon....I've been all over the internet...but no luck....I'm still hoping that someone who reads my blog will know where to get, or knows someone willing to sell me, that ever elusive leafy ribbon.
Take Care
Over and out

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