Monday, July 22, 2013

Twiddleybitz Hanging Birdcage Village

Hello ..........well back again...not as often as I should...I know !!!!!!  But anyone who knows me....knows I luuuuuvvv   mini houses....especially Twiddleybitz mini houses......They are very versatile, and I have used them many times.....I am working on another project, with the Twiddleybitz mini houses, that will show them to be more than just the 3 sizes you see in the packets.   This was great fun to make and I love incorporating the beading....with my projects..... 
The circular base of my "birdcage" was made with the Twiddleybitz circular Printers Tray.   I drilled holes in the scallops, and threaded wire for the cage.    I love how the colors turned out, even though I wasn't convinced after I started covering houses with green paper.....but I think the addition of the blue/cream saved the color scheme.......

I also added more beading underneath !!!!!

Well, I hope you like .....Try some mini houses.....they are so much favorite thing ATM !!!!

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