Monday, June 28, 2010

A Teachers present...




My DD's teacher is leaving to have a baby, at the end of the week...And Sophie wanted me to make a present for her baby's room.....So I decided to use up some of my huge collection of "To Do Later" projects.....Sophie decided on colors etc, and of course the flowers, and wings....Her teacher seemed to like it....Sophie made her a beautiful card, and she has promised to bring bub in to visit everyone !!!!!

Just a quick share...from the mouths of babes !!!! One night, at the dinner table, we were discussing the importance of good grades leading hopefully, to a good job (to our 14YO). My 7YO DS, announced he was going to get a job, doing exactly what his Dad does !!! My DD, just 6, then announced.....I'm going to do what Mum does....stay home and do craft !!!!!" Well...what can I say...??? I do, do my housework first !!!!
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  1. Hi Carol!!! Thanks so much for popping by my blog! I am blown away by the fact that you have my blog on your blog list - I cannot believe that you could be inspired by my work cos your work is AMAZING!!! Wow!!! I adore this gift you have created for yor daughter's teacher. It is incredibly beautiful! I shall be back for sure!

  2. What a lucky teacher...I know she will be delighted to recieve a handmade gift especially one as gorgeous as this!!