Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ribbon Storage ??




This is another NEW twiddleybitz product !!!! Anyone else have problems with ribbon storage ??? I dont like to roll them up or have them all tangled....I like them hung on rings.....And of course having a pretty shelf like this in your scraproom would give you heaps of hanging space...plus you can put little bottles of buttons (I have heaps) or other embellishments, on the top....with the hooks underneath. Sorted by color, of course !!!
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  1. I adore this Carol, soooooooo pretty and so much detail :):):)

  2. Very very very beautiful,i LOOOOOOOOVE it
    warm hugs

  3. This is beautiful Carol..aren't Twiddleybitz such clever people, maybe they could design a WHOLE scraproom eventually!!
    I'd like a speciman table..you know the sort they have in museums where the whole table top has collections underneath it!! Do you think they'd branch out into solid furniture!!lol!!
    I was looking at my chandelier last night and just couldn't get over how detailed and intricate they are.
    Hope you are keeping well, you certainly seem busy at the moment. We are cracking on with the decorating and getting very excited at the thought of moving.

    Love Ruth xxx

  4. Wow this is beautiful!
    I would love one of those to play with and to hang in my room my ribbons are a mess!!!!! lol