Saturday, October 3, 2009

Am I allowed to show you this ????

Again...just another sneak peek at what I've been working on....I guess I'll find out if I can show you the rest or not ??? Another of Twiddleybitz FANTASTIC bircages...I just love them...and I'm hoping to do some more for my liile girl's room.....
The house is sooooo quiet tonight...Husband away working, no 1 son at a sleepoover...youngest daughter at Auntie Annes's
for a sleepover ( 2nd night ) just me and my middle boy...How wonderful to have some one on one time with him !!!
It doesn't happen often....and I'm lovin it !!!!
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  1. Shhh I won't tell anyone you've shown us this!!
    And I'm pleased you have, the colours are wonderful and really Autumnal (which of course it isn't in Australia but is it here..windy and horrid!!)

    Enjoy your peace and quiet.
    Love Ruth xxx

  2. Thank you for letting us peep!!!
    I like what I see.Sunflowers are adorable!
    Mam and son time...spend that time good.
    Hope you will have lots of fun!!!