Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some sneaky peaks...


I have plenty to show you, but I'm cant as yet......
So....here is something I have just finished for S2D4...
cant show you the whole thing...because it may be a future class.
But it is on display in the shop if you would like to see it.
It is the collection boxes, covered with PP from
Darkroom Door.......loved doing these and can't wait to do another in
a different range of papers.... Hopefully will have more to show you soon...
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  1. It's looking good! I'm intrigued to see the full piece.
    Sue x

  2. Girl,do you sleep atall?
    I made tiny house and it took me all day.
    So mutch details,color combination is perfect.
    It looks to me like it is something big.
    Can't wait to see it all!

  3. Wow....what a tease of a photo but I get the picture...this is amazing and so detailed...love the idea of lots of little deep box thingies!!

    The prima pearls are so delicious they make it "smile"!!

    I see Sue has left you a comment and she is my teacher..what a small world!!

    Hugs Ruth xxx

  4. This looks absolutely stunning Carol. The detail is amazing I can't wait till you can upload the full view.
    Tracy :)