Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some news to tell !!....

Well, firstly I wanted to shout out, that one of my OTP projects has been picked up by SM and will be published...My First EVER !!! And I wanted to thank Di and Mel (who submitted it for me) because THEY are the reason it happened....they have also been my coping mechanism for the last year !!! Those that know me, know I lost my beautiful mother nearly 12 months ago...and since then I've found that even getting out of bed, was extraordinary difficult...but Di and Mel, made me realize that it's OK to have a bad's ok to be sad...really sad....and also very normal, after losing ones best friend !!! So I thank them with all my mum would have loved you both, had she met you !!! So I take each day as they come...knowing that some days will be better than others, and that's fine....So thankyou Di and Mel, you'll never know just how MUCH I luv you guys...I am soooo lucky to have friends like YOU.. Will be in next week with cake...I promise !!!
My second piece of news, is that I have been given a guest design spot with Twiddleybitz...and I LUUURRVVVE Twiddleybitz. One can never have too much chipboard....I have FOUR draws fULL!!!! So I am delighted....I cant show you anything yet !!!! But very soon !!!! I have been a very busy little black duck !!
Now I would normally insert the link to the Twiddleybitz website.....But I haven't worked out how to yet, But this is the address... as soon as I work out how, I will add the must go have a look...They have some wonderful chipboard designs...and like I said before...One can never have too much chipboard !!!


  1. CONGRATS!!!
    You are one talented lady. And like I say before you deserve all attention of craft world!

  2. Well aren't you a lucky thing! Congrats Carol

  3. Congrats on your publication and your appearance as GDT for Twiddleybitzs!!
    I am so sorry for your loss of your mother and I so happy that you have those 2 beautiful friends to help you through this tough time. Here is a hug and kiss from your new friend here in the blogging world Luv Shaz xoxo