Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've been tagged, again...

I've been tagged, again...this time by the ever so talented (I can't believe she even reads my blog) Cindy Couacaud....She is on my sidebar !!! You must go and have a look.....I just love her style.
So I have to answer 4 questions and then tag 4(I couldn't name 8) unsuspecting fellow bloggers.....

Question 1 : 8 things i look forward to ........
Peace and quiet when the kids go to bed.
Getting into bed, with lovely clean sheets.(if I had a maid I would change them daily)
Friday night, a lovely cold glass of Pink....(or two)
New scrapbook product releases.
Cuddles in bed on the weekend from my wee ones.
Getting stuck into a great book.
Getting emails from friends.

Question 2 : 8 things i did yesterday .......
Loads and loads of washing.
Folded loads and loads of washing.
Watched Good News Week in bed.
Made apple pies with my new pie-maker.....YUM
Reading with my 2 youngest.
Sorted my scrap space.
Paid some bills.

Question 3: 8 things i wish i could do .......
Play piano.
Loose weight.
Travel the world (5 star, of course)
Always have complete control of the TV remote
Win lotto.
Have my own scraproom.
Speak another language.
See my Mum again.

Question 4: 8 things or show i have watched lately...
Criminal minds
Good News Week
Channel 10 5o'clock news
Law and Order
Thank God you're here
My kids on the trampoline !!

So who should we Tag next ?????
Rachel from Rachel's Creations.
Shaz from Creative Me 68.
Sandra from Pink Sandra.
Mel (again) although she may be too busy....


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  1. Thanks a million for nominate me.I love this games.
    For this task I will need more time to do it.
    This tasks are the great way to get to know something more about people you edmire.
    I learned something more about you and maby didn't remember to ask you miself.